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You've gotta go through hell before you get to heaven

29 July 1979

I spent my 20's living a carefree life that took me to foreign countries, got me engaged twice, married once, divorced once. In 2007 my divorce became final, and that was my big wake-up call. That year changed me more than any other. Once I felt that I had lost everything and had to start over, I was free to do what I really wanted in life. I felt, and still feel, that when one is faced with tragedy, you are actually faced with opportunity.
What I really want to do in life: Be a Registered Nurse. Get married again. Have babies. Live the good life next to the ocean. Spend time making other people's lives better. So far I am 2/5, living with my boyfriend of 3 years in a beach house and going to nursing school.
LJ is my place to veg and learn about others. Teach me something.

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